STUDIO Test LDM 94 & LCM 89

LCM 89/85 condenser mics LDM 94 high power Dynamic mic
Clean, Pure Natural sound Soft, Warm Sound
Gives all frequencies Less frequency response
You’ll hear "everything" Smoothens your sound
On floor monitors (stage): On floor monitors (stage):
Needs more adjustments Easier to adjust
On Room Mix:
Gives more possibilities for sound adjustments.
On Room Mix: Less possibilities
Cannot handle very loud attack Can handle loud attack
Condenser sound Dynamic sound
Stainless steel clamp Molded clamp
Preamp + Tone controls No preamp / controls
Higher price Lower price
  On Alto: less sharp

! This comparison can differ from your situation, depending on your mouthpiece, reed, playing techniques,
saxophone type and your engineer and equipment.

PS: You can exchange the LDM and LCM mic elements in the different SDS clamps.